Active optics, variability, data mining. As part of the Vera Rubin Observatory Commissioning Team, I ensure via simulations that the Active Optics System (AOS) will perform according to the science requirements. I also pursue time-domain quasar research, and spectroscopic follow-up. I am passionate about teaching and sharing astronomy. Work during the construction of the Vera Rubin Observatory meant developing and evaluating the performance of software algorithms used to study the wavefront as part of AOS. This resulted in a steady stream of technical notes:

Furthermore, I have also investigated lightcurve features that could be best utilized to classify quasars from the LSST stack - reprocessed SDSS Stripe 82 data, analyzed the CRTS time series data for quasars in SDSS Stripe 82 . Currently I am using Gaussian Processes to model Quasar light curves as a Damped Random Walk, combining photometry across various surveys (SDSS, CRTS, PTF, PS1), as well as performing spectroscopic follow-up of Changing Look Quasar candidates (see the for "The Restless Nature of AGN" conference.)


Teaching: I served as a Teaching Assistant for Astronomy 101 and 150 courses taught to undergraduates at the University of Washington. Specifically, I was an assistant for Fall 2013, Fall 2015, Summer 2016, Autumn 2016 for Dr Ana Larson ; Spring 2014, Spring 2016 for Dr Chris Laws; Winter 2015, Winter 2016 for Dr Oliver Fraser; Winter 2013, Summer 2014 for Dr Nicole Silvestri; Spring 2015 for Dr Toby Smith.


Email: suberlak 'at'

Address (office): 3910 15th Ave NE, PAB C319, Astronomy Department, University of Washington, Seattle, WA